Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wow I forget I even had this up still! Lots of things have changed, so I will be writing within a week or so to give an update! Thanks Gunner

Friday, April 15, 2011

The site,

The site is being updated and in a month or so the brand new "Reel Fishing & Shooting with Gunner" website with NO ad's should be up & running!!!

The new site link will be:

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some updates:

We are waiting on a few new items from Sig Sauer for the AR project and an update on the Home Defense Shotgun Build… All I can say is think Green…!

Still waiting on the X-400 Weapon light from SureFire… It is going to be on a few different articles and builds this year…!

Let’s Talk Blades…
We have new articles and reviews coming on the knives you asked us to find out about…! Next week we have coming in for sure, 4 from Buck and 2 more from Benchmade and kershaw…

I did contact Case, Gerber and S.O.G to see if they would send in what you asked about… We are going to do articles on who offers what at different price ranges. So stop back soon to catch up on these articles…

Shotshell Reloaders articles and testing…

I have a mec now for these and it looks like rcbs will be in on this also. I have contacted and heard from Lee, I am waiting for another reply from them. Dillon will not be in on this and I am waiting on Hornady…

Setting Up a “work area” just for you!

Setting Up a “work area” just for you!
By Gunner

Now don’t get scared away with the title of this article… Every outdoors “person” male or female needs a space to call their own. This can be as small as a 2 foot by 2 foot table to a full blown 8 or 10 foot bench equipped with power, lights, shelving and lockable drawers & doors. I have written before about building a bench but there is so much more…

I had a friend of mine that rented and could not build permanently anywhere on the property. So after he called me we brainstormed and came up with a little but very functional area that was both workable and portable. We started with a Black & Decker workmate, opened it as far as it could go and built a top to cover and overhang 2 inches all around and had a couple of “locking” strips attached to the bottom of the worktop to tighten the workmate and hold it in place.

We marked and drilled holes for his shotshell loader, using carriage bolts and wing nuts to attach it to the top. When he was done he could unscrew and put away all the loading equipment. He could also hold his shooters vise to work on his rifles and shotguns. We had holes drilled to attach his lansky sharpening holder so he could work on his blades.

He would put a work mat down when working on his pistols, and we had a few holes drilled and counter sunk to hold his tools in a row in the back as he was working with this set-up… He used this for years until he bought a house and then we built a shop in his garage for him. It was perfect as it was all portable, able to disassemble and store away in his closet and under his bed. That is just one way to handle small areas to work in.

If you have a basement or a garage or even an extra room you can use that is the ultimate way to go. In my garage I have decided it is always going to be a work-in-process, from now on..! I just recently built a 8 foot long by 2 foot wide bench that is high enough that I have stools you can sit on and work. I have shelving on the wall above the bench with outlet plugs built in the front panel and two on top on the bench.
On this bench I have one of my mec 12 gauge loader, my Lee lead melting production pot and a laptop pc. Under the bench I have a stainless bar sized fridge and freezer combo, in the middle.
Under the loader I have three bins that hold each of my bags of shot, I have #4 bin, #6 bin, #71/2 bin and then the last wider bin holds all my different type of wadding and primers on shelves.

In a lockable section of the shelving is where I keep a few of the powders I am using at that time. Then there are the shell holders and boxes for the reloads. Under the melting pot side are shelves that have extra lead, sinker molds, jig molds and jig and spinnerbait building components. I kind of run this area like you would run a department store, I stock what I need and when it gets low I restock the items.

The plans for this year are to completely enclose this area in the garage, make a room within the garage. Complete with a dehumidifier, heat & A/C, TV (with cable) steel door with deadbolt, drywall and painted. Then I will hang all of my framed vintage Winchester shotshell ads and framed posters. I guess nowadays this is called a “Mancave” but to me, it is just my space! One wall will have my tackleboxes below and all the rods hanging. When finished this room will be 10 foot by 16 foot. It will have everything I need to do any work on anything I have that has to do with the outdoors.

You can build an area for your hobbies and have a dedicated space just for you. It does not take that much money to do this nor much time. Some basic tools and a friend to help and in one Saturday afternoon you can have this completed. It is so much nicer to have an area that you can keep your tools at the ready and clean and in their place. I remember days of spending half the time looking for things I knew I had and needed to work with. It gets frustrating when you have to always look and look for tools, parts etc…

You can even have a little space under basement steps, you would be surprised just how much you can do in that area. I have seen that done but I never built a work area under one before. The one I saw had the work table/area up against the wall and they added shelves to the steps to store and stack items. Had a light over the table and all in all it turned out to be nice little area. He even had the sides enclosed so when he was in there he could shut it all up and you never knew the work area was there.

You are only limited by your own imagination, you can go portable or small, or go big with everything you can think of. But the best part is once you have this area done, it is yours and yours to enjoy with the hobby you love!

Well I hope this helps you with a few ideas to get you started on you area and I hope to see you out there on the water or in the field!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello everyone
I just wanted to take some time and first Thank the nice people at Katadyn for such a quick reply to our request. With that I would like to say that the water systems YOU asked about are now here! We have now for use and review the Katadyn models Hiker, and Pocket and it looks like the Expedition will be here shortly.

Per your request asking us to find out about these products I contacted Katadyn and we have these models now so watch in the future for reviews and photos. If you are one that hikes and camps you can’t be without a Katadyn product in you pack! Even folks that have to prepare for harsh weather and disasters, you need to look into these products. You can visit their website at:

So I just wanted to give you a heads up to watch for these reviews, and again thank Katadyn for this opportunity..!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ohio River Flathead Catfish

Ohio River Flathead Catfish 10-20-09

On a recent trip for just a few hours of catfishing a long time friend of mine John Butler, hooked this fantastic big flathead... John was using Sufix 20 pound test, Mustad Extra Fine wire 8/0 demon circle hook and Okuma Coronado 50 spining reel.

********In Memorandum********

I would like to let everyone know that Team member and good friend, "Cleveland" Pete passed away in his home on Friday 10/16/09... Please say a prayer for his family...

Many fishing trips with Pete, many memories and good times... Pete, Rest in peace my friend... You will be missed...